How to Balance Internet Marketing with Home Life

Working at home has its own challenges that differ from working moms and dads who leave home each day and enter the business world separate from their residence.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a work-at-home parent or if you don’t have kids, the challenge remains in the fact that you are solely responsible for the running of your Internet marketing business, so it needs to be done efficiently.

            Parents are often plagued by more work at home pitfalls than those without kids, just because kids bring a new element into the mix that stirs up more opportunity for interruptions and sometimes means less space is available for the work area.

            The first thing you want to do when trying to balance your home life with your Internet marketing business is carve out a space that is dedicated to your ‘net marketing endeavors.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of space – as long as you have a corner spot to place your computer and other online accessories that you use.

            It’s best if you can have a space where you can go to work on your Internet marketing ventures without distractions, but this isn’t always possible.  If the noise is too much, you might consider setting off-peak hours, such as working only when the rest of the household members are in bed and you can concentrate on what you need to do.

            Many Internet marketers love the flexibility they have in working from home and on the ‘net.   If the kids have a soccer game, you’re free to shut down the computer and take off on a whim.  If your spouse wants to take off for a weekend, then being an Internet marketer allows you to take your laptop with you and log on to check in from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

If you’re just now considering an Internet marketing business, and want to find an option that will deliver the most balance to your home with the least amount of intrusions, then you might consider affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is one Internet marketing option that lets you simply work on driving traffic to someone else’s site.  You won’t have to worry about setting up systems, creating a product, or dealing with outsourced services.

Even if you do create your own product, you should know that once a launch is complete, the system should allow for more balance because information products are more or less automated.  Your site is set up to automatically process orders and deliver the buyer to a landing page where they download the product.  Balance will come about through time, so take al precautions to automate your systems and outsource tasks to others.

Can a Little Guy Battle the Gurus in the Game of Internet Marketing?

You may think that thousands of people are flocking online daily to seek out their rightful place among Internet marketing giants who have created a virtual empire of passive profits.

            But while they may be looking into it, many prospective Internet marketers are too intimidated to actually do anything to stake their claim.  The primary reason?  They don’t know how to produce a product with an unusual or unique slant.

            Many newbie ‘net marketers believe that if one person is already successfully selling an information product on affiliate marketing, then there’s no room at the top, so they drop their dreams and return to the shackles of a 9-5 daily grind in corporate America (or elsewhere in the world).

            Is it possible for an unknown to break out onto the scene and become a hit based on what they know that’s better or different from what Big Guy Guru has to say?  Of course it is. 

But in order to do this, the Internet marketer has to come onto the marketplace with insurmountable confidence so that his or her target audience will believe the message that’s being sold.

A guru isn’t someone who knows better how to do something.  A guru, in the Internet marketing world, is someone who did it in an original fashion and/or someone who has been earning a living steadily online for a long amount of time and therefore knows his or her “stuff.”

A little guy may be new to selling a product, but that doesn’t mean he or she hasn’t worked online for months or years to learn the ropes.  If you were able to come online and learn Internet marketing well enough that it allowed you to succeed in a short amount of time, then that makes you a guru in your own right.

Many people are, in fact, turned off by the word “guru” and get bored of reading about someone’s expertise.  Fresh is a good thing in the world of Internet marketing, so before you throw in the towel and call it quits, make sure you at least give your dreams a shot at success and see if the public is willing to invest in your knowledge.

Remember that enthusiasm boils over, even on a static web page.  So if you believe in your product, then it doesn’t matter what niche you’re targeting for your Internet marketing efforts – your audience will soak up your attitude and carry the torch for you into the realm of profits and guru status yourself!

What are our basic obligations in relation to being honest and truthful in any situations?

  • One view is, there is no obligation at all.

Any obligation could be countering the honesty being followed in relationship in my view.

Yes there are fundamental rules which we have to graduate with time is important and also a check point in self.

When I use the word of fundamental it has to me my need to be honest without selfish desire of even seeking same from the other person involved.

Honesty is the virtue which works when aligning of mind and heart is established so works on feeling and belief that has to show its result many times.

This means having consistency in the view to ensure there is self-willingness for a larger cause.

Earnest willingness to be honest with the above said condition could help in generating inner vibrations which work as soothing the environment so works gradually.

We can’t have nature to be selective in honesty with some and if it is so our definition could be wrong.

In case we are sincere in our aim thus we end up modifying our conditioned mind so the outlook in relationship.

However the effect with modified perception would work differently with people and their nature.

We have external relationship in different places who have different perception and different need mutually making it complex.

Our changed perception for being honest would not switch with a person in front but develop a mechanism to work seamlessly accordingly with the situation.

Once we have initiated the process we try to open with others or provide other space to speak their mind.

This transaction is the first step that works between the two where the initiator could have reduced variables in his mind as his basic criteria has alert mind speaks with other as much needed to avoid any miscommunication per chance.

He knows to whom he has to experiment and move one step ahead enjoying the positivism in mental sphere so is giving other the similar feeling which works as attraction, reason unknown right now.

The nature when aligns with the necessary need improves the intelligence by default so improves the art of discrimination knowing the amount of exposure he should expose of his inner self in form of trust build.

It is time when he would develop trust with some which can be said unbroken bond mutually and when is by honesty and truth physical closeness doesn’t matter.

It could even work intuitively between them.

He strengthens the trust in self and remains clean and transparent and is able to transact with others with the amount of shade of color of honesty they want and have developed.

The source or person himself knows to speak with anyone to speak his mind even communicate another’s deficiency but in words that won’t be disliked and be open for other to understand and make correction sooner or later of minimize the contact.

Obligation thus is only sincerity for continuity of the trait in self which with time would be able to connect with need in specific situation and till the time one is aware he has to keep learning the process.

What are our basic obligations in relation to being honest and truthful in any situations?

  • We live in a universe of Pure Information, not one dominated by Energy and the special for of Energy we misname as matter.

This universe does not positively support anti-life things like dishonesty but does support, and has the backs of, those who choose pro-life thing like Love and honesty!

If you think that you can take on a universe which is against dishonesty, and win, then you deserve to lose; Big Time.

Honesty and Truthfulness are pro-life ways and the universe has the backs of those who practice such things.

Choose to take on the universe; or have it on your side!
But don’t whine if you choose badly!

  • It speaks to the social dilemma we find ourselves in when managing truth and honesty in everyday relationships.

We should always aspire to speak honestly and with the truth in mind, however, we are reluctant nowadays because of the snowflake generation we have cultivated. On one hand, speaking candidly about real and pressing issues is important for human progress. Yet when we do so, we come off as offensive to snowflakes and are accused of microaggressions.

You’re better off developing a keen sense of who you should surround yourself with in life, and perhaps more importantly, who you should not. Truth seekers and individuals who are mature and emotionally stable enough to handle the hard realities of life are virtuous people and worthy of your company. It’s the post-modernists who can’t be trusted. The intersection lists who tow the destructive ideology that downtrodden folks are victims of suppression. Steer clear of these people and denounce them whenever you can!

Samuel Butler said, “The best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of lying go the longest way.” Can you be ethical and a liar?

  • Lying is done in the weakanti-life Fear mode; the universe does not support this mode!

Life is intended to be done in the powerful pro-life mode of things like Love, which the universe strongly supports.

There is no such thing as an ethical liar; but much of society will tell you differently. Those components of society survive in the weak modes of Fear, using competition with other humans as opposed to competition with the earlier, less-evolved versions of ourselves.

Choose carefully; the universe assists those who choose anti-life modes speed along their way to self-destruction!

’Tis way better to have the universe on your side and having your back, bringing you more powerful, pro-life things like Love and true abundance!

Or, take on the whole universe and arrogantly expect to win! LoL! Bye, bye!

  • Easy. Say a doctor or lawyer each subscribe to one and only one code of ethics each: the professional ethics of their respective professions. Say both are scrupulous shining exemplars in every particular of their respective ethical codes. Those codes include certain obligations to truth, accuracy, disclosure etc. and they each fulfill these to the letter, spirit and above and beyond! These two pros meet or exceed the requirements of their codes of ethics in every respect.

They are yes: ethical. That’s whether or not they’re liars off-the-job. That is no violation of ethics. The only code of ethics that either is beholden to does not cover it.

Now. This is important. Did you really mean “moral”? Because “ethical” has a valid synonymous sense! A somewhat useless, redundant sense where it means no more and no other than “moral.” If that’s what you meant, answer it on your own morality please. All such conflicts are demonstrable where they exist, but you would need to make that case.

If what you meant is ethical: the useful, distinct sense of ethics, then it doesn’t exist without a code. And nothing can be called unethical except what violates the code. Everything else is an outside concern.

The useful, distinct sense of ethics: ethics is a code of right conduct adopted by like-minded (i.e. philosophical ethics) or like-purposed (e.g. professional ethics) individuals.

Ethics is voluntary: opt-in. In the case of professional ethics, those entering a field with a mandatory code of ethics know what they’re getting into. It is voluntary that they enter the field.

Ethics is a higher standard. No one is automatically bound by ethics, no one should be, no one needs to be: that’s what “higher standard” means. Doesn’t apply to all. Only those who see the purpose (job or personal reasons). Only who binds self is bound. Nobody else has to observe these codes (there are thousands of them!). If a given act violates no code of ethics to which one has bound oneself: the act is not unethical.

For the standard which is not higher, for the code of conduct considered involuntary of compliance, applicable to all: see law.

One other minor sense of ethics: Ethics is the academic of philosophical study of morality.

That doesn’t come in here. Academic/philosophical ethics lays out no code of behavior. It studies the theory and basis for such schemes and systems.


So our 100% ethical doctor and lawyer may cheat on their spouses and lie about it – and yet be ethical, where their codes of ethics do not happen to cover this. BONUS: the doctor and lawyer may be cheating on their spouses WITH EACH OTHER!

It doesn’t come anywhere into it. Ethics is irrelevant to any act that code of ethics does not cover.

So what though? Each is still a cheater and a liar. Would “unethical” really add boom or sting to these known things?

Feel free to call them immoral if you want. If you call them “unethical” though, you’d best either A) be able to produce the code of ethics they’ve sworn to, and show which provision their behavior violates, or B) be prepared to have everyone grimace indulgently at you, and pat-pat you on the head.

Because people who use “ethical” when all they really mean is “moral,” when they have nothing hard, no basis objectively laid-out (the code), no definite and inarguable violation – they probably don’t even know the differences between morals and ethics! But they still think ethics “sounds better.” You gotta go easy on them. They are by degrees either moral imbeciles or ethical incompetents. They want to talk right and wrong and be taken seriously. They clearly can’t tell what they’re doing. Mercy is indicated. Charity is indicated.

Sure. You can be 100% ethical and yet be a liar, if the specific code of ethics doesn’t cover that. I wouldn’t call it moral – what do you think, though? Would you call it moral?

It’s certainly not honest.

Which is really the only call we need to make. We know what “liar” means. It’s not fancy. If somebody’s a “liar,” and we say “but they’re ethical!” – who cares? Ethics doesn’t exonerate that. Ethics doesn’t come into it. The only way they could possibly BE ethical as a liar is if their code doesn’t cover that. Which means the code’s irrelevant to their lying.

So who cares? “Ethical” would be a totally irrelevant thing about them, and they’d still be every bit as much a liar. Their ethicality doesn’t ameliorate their liarhood one-one-thousandth of a toot.

Who thinks compliance to an ethics that allows lies makes it any better to be a liar?

Ethics doesn’t excuse anything. All ethics does is set its own higher bar on some specific things. As needed, for the purposes of that code and its adherents.

Why do some people think that life is unfair, while others think that life exists?

  • We humans have dramatically different upbringings and societal norms; we are very different and yet do have a large number of similarities!

Your question suggests that you have not pondered much on just how different humans are; one from other.

In larger families and tighter communities, we do get to deal more with differences than when we are so self-focused that we only see what we want to see. Life is quite likely to disabuse us all about things being like we wish they were, or dream they should be.

We re also taught to judge just about everything; life should have us quit doing that because no judgements are ever based upon enough understanding to have them become fair judgements. The Karma for making unfair judgments is brutal; and why most societies suggest that we do not judge! Not everyone gets that message; so there is a lot of unnecessary pain going around.

Life IS and we can choose how we ‘see’ it; seeing it as unfair leads us into having the universe send us more unfair things, in ever-increasing amounts.

What you focus upon is what comes your way; think that through and choose only positive ways of perceiving the world we live in!

Say life is unfair and it will get ever more unfair; and the reason is your choice to focus upon unfair when ‘things’ are just are what they are!

Those humans who focus upon negativity are easy to control and the powerful and very Rich have a need to control others so they can ‘feel’ safer.

If you think that through, you won’t want such to control your life!

Why do some people think that life is unfair, while others think that life exists?

  • One is more likely to see the advantages of others, and to think of billionaires and politicians, or simply to fixate on the fact that their friend has a girlfriend and they don’t. Or why does someone have money, while they don’t have money, and so on. Why is everything going wrong and you’re losing your health, while your friends are smiling, cheerful, and bragging about all the wonderful relationships they’ve found.

Everyone experiences situations that are unfair from their perspective. Everyone experiences loss and misfortune, while someone else seems to be gaining something.

There are some situations in which it makes more sense to feel something is “unfair” than in other situations.

But the problem is when one carries the theme of “unfair” over into the whole of life, and tries to teach everyone that “unfair” is a fixed quality inherent in the nature of life. One begins to interpret all situations as “unfair”, when in fact there is nothing unfair about situation A being different than situation B.

One can be so caught up in “unfair” … that they fail to realize that they CAN have what someone else has. And that “unfair” doesn’t even have to be the underlying theme, and in fact isn’t the best way to make sense of the situation. But they’ve spent their entire lives making everything out to be unfair, while failing to acknowledge that their course of action is a particular course of action because their situation is only a different situation than the next person’s.

In many situations, all you know is that your friend moved to another state and has a house and a girlfriend while you don’t … And yet you conclude that this is “unfair”.

What does this have to do with anything being UNFAIR? … You’re taught to read “unfairness” into everything, when in fact there are only certain situations in which it even makes sense to hold up “UNFAIR” as the underlying feature which characterizes the nature of the situation.

What if you also can move to another state and have a girlfriend, or for that matter find a girlfriend in the state that you’re already in? … Are you going to use “UNFAIR” as an excuse to avoid putting the effort into living the life you want to live, because you are sanctioned off to not have what others have? And what if there’s no such thing as UNFAIR in this situation … but you’re only confronted with the simple fact that you need to put effort into changing your life?

There are certain situations that can be characterized as UNFAIR … but the rest of life is literally acknowledging that your course of action toward your goal, is influenced by your situation, which may or may not be similar to the next person’s situation. It is not UNFAIR that someone has a house, and you have an apartment. It is not UNFAIR that someone has a girlfriend, and you don’t. But you can easily weave that into a story about how life is unfair, while failing to improve your life and working within your particular situation which is not the next person’s situation.

Thinking ANYTHING is possible can lead to paralysis, just as much as believing NOTHING is possible can lead to paralysis … But one doesn’t know what one can or cannot have beforehand, and so one should refrain from jumping ahead and characterizing existence.

I see the misconception floating around, that those who do NOT see life as unfair, somehow see life as “fair” and perhaps haven’t suffered or lost as much.

But it’s the exact opposite … Those who’ve suffered most profoundly, and endured the greatest losses, are actually the ones who are pushing for the view that life is NOT unfair but simply “IS”. Whereas those with more superficial views tend to go with the standard “life is unfair” view of the world.

  • Well, it’s a very simplistic way to look at the world to think it “fair” or “unfair.” The world is complicated and cannot be totally predicted by the human mind or many minds. When you get hit by a truck, it seems unfair, but the truck doesn’t care, and your damaged body remains damaged. It’s a single event in time.

We are in a world. We are pumped with “life is unfair” in a personal manner. This is because we live on a Factory Farm where they promise Heaven and the world, yet have to manage us. Creed “My Own Prison.” They watch everything and destroy you if they don’t like a move you’re making. “Secret destroyers hold you up to the flames.” You can’t hear that, so I’ll just say, “Brave New World.

  • Well it depends on everyone’s perspective how they see life .And answering your question that some people think life is unfair and some don’t this phase comes in life of everyone those who think life is unfair are ungrateful for what they have and what they are today. People in hurdles of life and race are oblivion of the things that they have yet in search of which they don’t.

Those who think life exist and is fair are grateful for everything. Cause you have things that others don’t and looking at that you wont be feeling unfair .

What should I do to help a good hearted girl who always blames others for everything that goes wrong with her life?

  • Answered: How do you explain the phrase ” everything good always goes away and betrayal is inevitable in any relationship”?  
  • I believe this statement is pointing out the sad but natural realities that life holds. Always enjoy what you currently are able to have. Everything good will change in some form or another. Nothing remains the same. When you have relationships with people, the relationship may remain but you will experience many “little betrayals” along the way. Life never just flows in a everything is roses pattern. You will have arguments and disappointments. You will feel undervalued and misunderstood. These obstacles can sometimes be overcome, yet you will always feel these “little betrayals as fine cracks in delicate porcelain. Sometimes, you will have a huge betrayal if unlucky. Yet, relationships still gift you with intense emotion and connection with another. This makes the pain more unbearable but also paradoxically very special and rewarding. This is that it is better to have loved and lost saying ,then to have never loved at all. The end of any relationship through growing apart or fighting or death is painful as anything can ever be. Losses can be big or small. Yet, loss is always present in our lives. Yet, we love.
  • Sometimes it may be best to tell yourself that helping the way she thinks means showing her the meaning of the good intentions isn’t equal to her results.

My sister once told me when I was curled up and crying to her, depressed and felt most sorry for myself and sort of expected her to as well, she waited and it seemed a long time, she said “how long do you expect that to work” and gently set down my head and walked out the room and shut the door.

It made me thin differently and thats hard to master. Artistic and personal and well its a craft known by few..

Make sure she is wanting to be better because that’s the deal breaker. Excuses are not like those who simply cannot get right. Maybe they are doing the best they can. Be willing to accept her truer self as well.

What should I do to help a good hearted girl who always blames others for everything that goes wrong with her life?

  • She likely has no idea how to question her beliefs, she probably thinks her feelings are facts, she is reacting to long-held victim thinking.

She just needs to learn how to question disempowering thoughts.

The beautiful thing about “The Work” is that it invites us to consider whether what believe about ourselves, the world, and others is actually true. And when we do believe it’s true we are further invited to ask how we know it’s true. The Work then invites us to examine whether anything else could be true besides what we have chosen to believe.

It’s simple, but highly effective for transforming a victim paradigm.

  • It is hard to explain this as any more than a possibility, not a certainty. Everything good doesn’t always go away, and if it does go away it isn’t always viewed as a negative. I have left many of my good and loved friends, and they still are loved… and missed. I have been betrayed in relationships, but it is not always inevitable. These are choices people make in their lives, to see the positive or the negative. Whoever came up with this quote has issues that need to be addressed. Better if they pay more attention to being happy always, than expecting the worst. When you expect, you are probably the reason it happens. Better to expect the best.
  • that is because with every relationship there comes a tainted love. Do you know how ? Because when you restrict love and limit it to one partner, it then becomes selfish. It then grows an ego to leech and feed and pet itself. The pure love and light that comes within all of us turns jealous , possessive , and selfish in respect to love for that other one person. And you know the rest of the story 
  • Humans who choose a negative attitude and viewpoint refuse to believe that things can go right; and in this generous universe they get the negativity they focus upon.

There is no real Truth in this statement; but given the focus of those who wrote it; this will be Truth both for them and those who also espouse it!

Don’t Follow Fools !

When people say they don’t take life too seriously, is that a good idea?

  • If you aren’t laughing at life, you don’t understand it well enough – Yet!

However, most humans who take it seriously do so firmly totally enveloped in Fear; yet most of living (a vast portion) should be done in Love; not Fear.

If you have started your journey towards becoming your Destiny of ‘Becoming Love Personified’, then Fear will mostly be an ancient memory and, in a Love-focused life, you will be fully involved in Loving, which you do take seriously, but not distorted by the many, weak states of Fear.

Those who do live a Love-focused life will usually be seen smiling, laughing and crying tears of Joy, not sorrow; so they could be accused, by those trapped in Fear, as not taking life seriously enough.

Deeply in Fear, no enjoyment, Joy or laughter is allowed.

In reality it is those who insist in just barely surviving in the Fear mode who are not taking life seriously enough! However, in Fear mode, they are certain they ‘know it all’ and everyone else is the fool! LoL!

Don’t run your life on the nonsense from Fools in Fear!

  • It depends on the scenario.

There is a time and season for everything. And near everything within moderation is good. While anything and everything in excess hurts more than helps. And there’s always an exception to every rule, even if it’s just one.

That said, taking life seriously all the time isn’t healthy or good for anyone.

The same goes for goofing around, being relaxed, or being not serious. Never being serious, even in serious situations is a bad thing too and is unhealthy for anyone.

So if, by saying that, they mean it literally, that they are never serious even at funerals or weddings or in crisis, life or death scenarios, then that’s a bad thing.

But, if by saying that, they’re telling a partial truth, and really mean that they aren’t always serious or that they prefer to be relaxed and have fun or be lazy to being serious than that’s fine.

But chances are, they haven’t ever had to be serious before, or if they have, they hated every moment of it. Especially in today’s day and age where some people think being serious simply means telling the truth or being in a long term relationship. And if they’ve never experienced death, never been in a life or death crisis before, never had to go to court, or never really had to do anything that requires them to be serious, then they are blessed and lucky, and also may be in serious trouble as they are unprepared if they ever do encounter a serious scenario.

I mean, if one has never had to watch their parent or loved one die in their arms, they might make inappropriate jokes or remarks when it happens to another. If one has never had to go to court before, they may show up in their pajamas or most comfortable outfit and flip flops (bad idea) rather than their Sunday best which would get them a more favorable result. They might even interrupt or backtalk the judge who is determining whether they should spend time in jail or go free if they don’t take such a scenario seriously. They might brush off someone confiding that they’re being abused and raped by their own family member if they don’t take anything seriously.

So yeah, it depends if they mean what they say literally, if they’re lying to some degree, or if they simply have never been in a serious situation before.

When people say they don’t take life too seriously, is that a good idea?

  • It can be an excellent thing after one has championed that the art of discrimination of right and wrong which is circumstance and situation based not by impulse of mind.

The art itself a continuous learning process which makes us alert by creating harmony with thinking of mind and emotions involved therein.

One thing which is right in certain situation could not be in another instance so how we judge it to be and find its nature.

It needs conscious effort and continuous persuasion towards such goal that has to be learnt by experimenting and experiencing the results that can make us vigilant.

We should know our mind is always biased for being conditioned by our influence of external environment we have experienced unaware which is normal.

We come with our own quality of mind which could have some past reason and let us not fall in the belief but accept which we would know by having dissimilar perception even in family.

Have we ever thought why our own people perceive things differently?

Self-discipline is the greatest tool which can help controlling our mind and our mindset being the chief culprit in rejecting the proposal.

The mind is attracting towards sensory pleasure being external thing or works with external senses overseeing the emotion part rightly.

Our thoughts which convert into action could harm other even if it is not intended but we could know later on.

Do we realize and correct the next time or forget of such past having no value to us.

A small error in such judgment can one day can make us victim of our own doing and then if we think of an unaware act would have already created a cause that would reap in an appropriate effect

We live under the divine principle of cause and effect and can never come out where an alert mind is needed.

Self-discipline also needs honesty to be build up even if it is in self can alarm for an mistake unaware and give opportunity to apologize early for reducing the ill effect later on.

It is value which we are creating and by value we mean what is good for me should be good for other irrespective we know other closely or not.

Our first interaction with a new person is making our image in his mind and humility with honest intent would always leave something beautiful in other mind whether we meet them often or not but the fragrance of such incident he would spread in many others.

We thus spread positive vibrations unknowingly in and around unaware which are or pleasant nature and can be cumulative effort of time, not impulsive mind.

A person who develops such character would often be simple and transparent and alert though not react but is capable to tackle a difficult situation and assisted by so many friends known and unknown he has created is taking like simple.

He stating not taking life seriously is right in his perspective not many others who are simply attracted with falsehood of avoiding hard work that is involved.

Does having being competitive and kind of aggressive with yourself for motivation mean you have an inferiority complex?

  • We should compete with our former selves to become more than we were before; an ongoing process for all who travel toward Enlightenment.

Competing with others is based upon a false, inner belief that we are not good enough, just as we are; but could be so if we ever get enough power, possessions and riches.

That never works, because the inner false, belief is till there. Those stuck in competition with others seldom choose to self-disclose and realize that their belief is false; they are likely to believe that only others are wrong and misguided.

So, Yes, if you are competing with others, you believe that you are not enough; just as you are! One way of ‘naming’ that state is an ‘inferiority complex’!

Competing with your former state of being is an indication of one who is on the Right path towards Enlightenment! Keep on Keeping on!

  • It means you just don’t know yourself. Yet. Anyways, knowing yourself and getting to know yourself better is a lifetime’s endeavor. Keep at it patiently and persistently. Be willing to pick up new tools along the way, and just as willingly to set aside old tools that have served their purpose. That is, grow in courage and wisdom in order to learn to keep what is useful and let go of what isn’t.

What is the positive intent behind treating yourself competitively and aggressively? It’s to get your butt in gear and not buy into your excuses, which is a great thing! It’s just a matter of finding the right BALANCE between holding yourself accountable without becoming a self tyrant, and also treating yourself with care and understanding without becoming the placating mother who lets anything slide for fear of damaging her precious children, and thus keeping them weak.

Resources are Jordan Peterson’s lectures “Personality and Its Transformation.” Learning to meditate and then doing so; the book “Breath by Breath” by Larry Rosenberg. Myself; email for complementary coaching session. And ultimately, yourself: your mind, knowledge, skills, experience, potential and your blood, sweat, tears and spiritual energy.

Let your light shine while not being blind to your shadow. You don’t have a shadow you say? You’re all pure and light, nobleness and bright. And so thus, you’re even more of a danger to yourself and others. Wake up to and own your power, we need that. Though we need too, power that is wielded wisely, judiciously and with clear sight.

“The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts.

  1. An inferiority complex requires you to compare your “feelings” of inadequacy onto someone else. The process you’re going by is closer to [negative validation]. While it sounds bad, it’s actually a beneficial technique to put a check on your ego. Instead of placing blame on anything external to yourself, you acknowledge a negative aspect of yourself and seek to remedy yourself.
  2. However, if you have multiple personalities that have their own consciousness and place blame on any of them, to a degree there’s an Inferiority complex.